ecodomus arquitectos
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1. Sustainable country house-one room. go to top

Country House

This is a sustainable country house for a customer and her partner, which may be moved from its site in the future. A simple distribution, a cleary structured floor plan, eliminating unnecessary doors and partitions. There is green living roof and the heating system is underfloor.


2. Sustainable house for a couple with children-three bedrooms. go to top

eco-efficient house

Eco-friendly house with six modules for a couple and their two children. Distribution without unnecessary partitions as in the kitchen. The house has only three different types of window which reduces the final cost.


3. House for sustainable housing promotion. go to top

sustainable houses promotional example

This is a three bedroom house used for a promotion of sustainables houses. A simple floor plan, clearly structured, without unnecessary additions, underfloor heating included.


4. Town house built between partition walls. go to top

Town house

This is a house on an irregular location in which the green living roof plays a fundamental role, similar to a garden. In it, manufactured ( industrialized ) architecture is combined with work on site, in order to adapt the dwelling to the irregularity of the partition wall. There is underfloor heating with biomass.