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Sustainable housing from ecodomus.

At ecodomus arquitectos we design sustainable houses tailor made for each customer based on quality control and optimized building processes. This mean we can greatly reduce energy costs and waste generation.

Contrato 1. contract

This is the formalization of the agreement between customer and architect. Previously, an analysis of the location and needs of the customer are carried out. Once this analysis study is complete, the customer receives a preliminary design of the house. Once signed, the final design stage is started.

Deseño 2. design

At this stage the customer and architect work closely together. They are in permanent contact so that the customer’s needs are reflected in architects drawing. This may take up to 60 days when the total building period is 5 months. After the design and documents are completed, the manufacturing stage starts.

Fabrication 3. manufacture

If you opt for the modular building option, this stage will be carried out at the factory. Approximately 80% of your house is manufactured at the factory using strict quality control and security standards. Each component is verified by specialists who ensure optimal development of the components of your house. Once all modules are finished, they are prepared to be transported to location.

Transporte 4. transportation

Once modules are packed, they are sent by truck to thier final location. They may be sent from the factory to any place in the country including Canary Islands.

Colocación 5. placement

Modules are placed on the designated location in accordance with the project design. The house foundations will have been previously laid and prepared to receive the modules. Architects verify that everything is in accordance with project and that has been correctly executed in order to be finally handed over to the customer.

Entrega 6. delivery

Once architects have verified that the building has been finished, according to the project design, it is now ready to be used. The house is handed over to the customer with a 10 year warranty, provided it is used under normal conditions.